The fruits of my labour.


So its been a couple of days, since I posted last. But it has been over a week since I updated anything on the actual site. So I decided to get going on doing some of that tonight. It took me a little while, with all the video editing, and time lapsing, and exporting, and uploading, and resizing, and, and, and.

It took a little more than a while, going on 2 hours now to make it right. I got it done though, and I think that for now, it’s pretty cool.

I changed the multimedia box on the right to play a time lapse video of my planes final descent into Cuba last week, incase you didn’t know. I think that now I have the basis and code there, I will switch up the video with something less shaky in the near future. Also, I will eventually try to code it so that the box will rotate different videos whenever you load the site/a new page. Much like it did with my photos.

Today I borrowed my Mothers camera to have some new pictures. I got Misty to take them, as I wanted actual ones. You know, ones where I am not holding the camera, or in front of the mirror.

Anyways, so she took them, here are a few of the unedited ones. I don’t feel like doing anything to any of them tonight.

Misty always
gets my

Anyways, I am really tired, and I have a lot of work waiting for me in the morning. Will post more tomorrow?

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