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Well here is some stuff from Cuba.


I have been lazy and spent the afternoon/evening/night playing the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and I haven’t made a real post since last friday, so I am going to plug my computer upstairs and get working on a real one, with some pictures from my trip.

I’ve been super lazy since I got back, and I really shouldn’t. I should be cleaning up, and grocery shopping, and all sorts of stuff. Almost immediately I went back into my usual emotional funk. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know why I didn’t really have it while I was gone.

I am amiss as to what to talk about while my photos are uploading to flikr, haha. I couldn’t get them to FTP to my site and then show up when I linked them, so I signed up for a flikr.

The real problem is that I’ve already posted the 100Mb limit for the month with my first posting, which is entirely vacation photos. I suppose that is comical. Though I doubt that I will be posting anything much on their for a little while, so whatever.

My meal on the plane.
This was my meal on the plane (to Cuba). I did not consume any of it

The worst part was realizing that I was given champagne to drink only after I had the stewardess open it for me after I thought it was actually mineral water.

View from the top.
A shot of the view from my seat

A small Cuban city.
A shot down an alley driving through a Cuban town

My favourite pictures from the trip were taken in this city. I will post more once I have a small chance to edit them a tiny bit. I think I am going to keep working with my iPhonetoraphy thing I thought about doing. If the light is adequate, it’s not hard to get some pretty good shots.

I am starting to feel a little bit tired though, and so I think that I will try and get to sleep. I don’t want to feel like/as shit as I did today, maybe sleep will help that.

If you want to look at the rest of the raw photos I uploaded the link for the album is here.

I think I will watch Larry King as I go to sleep.

Yeah, I watch CNN a lot lately. It’s good, my only news source isn’t Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert.

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