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I was going to spend some time posting my first impressions of the new game “The Saboteur”, but I am too tired to put true thought to my feelings on it. I will write it up before I get a chance to play it tomorrow, and so the first impression shall go until tomorrow. I figure the fare for this post should be more full of personal content, I haven’t posted one of those type blogs for a while.

This week has been odd. Work has been slower than previous years, but I am more tired than usual. There aren’t hours in a day for me to get everything I want to do. I need to do laundry, among a bunch of other stuff. I just don’t know where the time goes, and going to bed this late is starting to take a toll on me. ¬†Sometimes I wish I could just not work. I mean, the reality of that would probably not be as keen as the idea. I remember when I wasn’t working, it was hell.

I don’t know, maybe if I could have a week off, to sit alone and get things done. Maybe then I would have time to think, and maybe get my head straight.

Here is a picture I took the other day:

Edited in PSMobile on iPhone

Edited in PSMobile on iPhone

And here is a song I can’t stop listening to:

[Head Automatica – The Razor] – Click link to hear. Sorry, imeem was down and I am too tired/lazy to upload here via FTP.


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