A bizarre twist of events.


A few weeks ago, a contest was posted on the Matthew Good website, for 2 tickets to a intimate show at the Masonic Lodge in Toronto. There was only going to be 100 people attending, and the only way in was through the contest. That means that there would only be 50 winners chosen. I don’t know how, but I was one of them.

Given the ridiculous amounts of drama which occurred after the Kitchener show, I was seriously pondering taking a pass on it. But considering the fact that I never win contests or anything in general, I will be going. Maybe I will show my support by wearing a MG tee under an MG hoodie with a MG scarf around my neck.

But seriously, this is so fucked up. I wish I’d won the lottery, seeing as I already have tickets to two more shows that I really hadn’t plan on attending. Not because I don’t like him, or I am bitter. Just because going to 4 variations of the same show was a terrible idea.


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