And so tomorrow came


As the clock turns, so ends another day.

So begins a new one.

I am getting into bed as I post this. I removed the blog everyone is coming to read. It’s over people, go home, nothing to see here. With a new day, the reality that now my site will go back down to the 40 or so views I get a day. Deep down I hope I caught the eye of at least a couple of people who will come here to read things that aren’t about the dramatics they’ve been linked to.

I’d like to see more traffic. I’d like to see adds on twitter. I would like to hear opinions. I would like to know that someone cares I do this, because deep down, this isn’t for me.

And I make that fact painfully obvious.

This song is singing me to sleep. I love this band, though I have admittedly only listened to this song for the first time today. It’s probably my favourite song on the entire record.

“do what you like, you don’t have to be nice, just pour yourself a cup of coffee”


Ps – I think I may cover this song, or a different MATNSAS song. Along with finishing the other cover I was working on.

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Aphonic December 2, 2009 at 7:37 am

Saw that band a couple times, they’re amusing live but not really my cup o tea.

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