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Buy me a Sega Nomad


I collect odd things. Most of those things involve videogames in some way. I have talking Metal Gear Keychains, and Japanese Resident Evil Strategy Guides. I also am trying to collect old videogame systems. I one time pondered in a independent game store in NE for close to an hour on whether or not I should spend my food money on a Neo Geo Pocket Color that they had for sale. I ended up passing on the NGPC, and I highly regret it. If I ever see one for a reasonable price, I will not pass on it.

Anyways, If it is still for sale when I get my paycheck, I may sink 160 bucks into a Sega Nomad. This was a handheld Sega Genesis! Apparently it was impossible on batteries and would reset if even slightly bumped. But the notion of an entire portable Genesis is too cool to pass up.


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Aphonic December 31, 2009 at 3:04 pm

It’s pretty neat but it would be infinitely easier to just run an emulator on a PSP.

The inner nerd wants one for the sheer random rarity of it, the practical nerd would get annoyed and break it.

Ernie December 31, 2009 at 3:07 pm

Its more for the sheer fact of it. It’ll match the Genesis I have in the closet that I cant even play on my TV’s (because they are HD). Believe me, I tried to hook it up.

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