Sometimes, I don’t understand social networking.

I mean, I have had a myspace since 2005. I get it, or I should say I got it. I don’t understand people’s preoccupation with being internet ‘friends’ with people they:

  • Do not know
  • Know but do not talk to
  • Know but do not like
  • Hated in highschool
  • Met with no intention of ever speaking to

Am I missing something here? I just don’t get it. Day in and say out, I get added from people I don’t know/don’t want to know. It’s just an add, no message, no explanation, no reason. I accept, and get no message, no wall post, nothing. Why do people add others they wish to have no contact in. Is it really necessary to add friends of your friends?

I thought the whole idea behind Facebook was to address the mistakes of myspace and aim to connect people with old friends and distant family.

It seems like everyone just abandoned their Myspace to do the same thing with Facebook. It’s seriously like Independance Day, or really any story about alien invasion.

You come, utilize the resources until the landscape is so littered its entirely unbearable, then you abandon them to jump to the next networking site.

Just ask friendster.

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