I have a splitting headache


I just woke up, out of bed to make myself a coffee and a bowl of cereal. I smelled the milk, check the best before date. The date was today, and the milk smelled fine. So I setup my early afternoon breakfast and make my coffee. I sit down and put the sugar in my piping hot beverage. I begin to pour milk into it (which oddly enough, I am only willing to have in my coffee on weekends), and discover wonderful little white chunks floating around.

I pour the coffee and put the milk down the sink. I begin to prepare another one while putting the cereal back in the box. What began as a nice little weekend breakfast for myself has turned into me wasting a coffee and sitting with the stomach grumblies. Oh well, maybe I will get some more work on the site done, maybe make an about me page and the ones detailing the extent of my (loosely used term)music career so far in life.

Or maybe I will just post funny links and play Assassins Creed all day, who knows?

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