Laser Tag at its best.

Laser Quest ain't shit.


I have another reason to be jealous of people who live in California, Laser Tag. This morning I read a story about the Laser Tag parties that are much more intense than the LQ near the local mall. SpecOps in Central California helps people get together and play Laser Tag that is a little more adult, though people of all ages are welcome to play.

The guns are modelled after real weapons, the matches are outside, and having a tactical attitude takes precedent over running around guns blazing. The story talks about it in much better detail, all I know is that I want to do this.

Despite my overall aversion in life to things that require running and exercise, the real-world feel of this whole day is bringing up the competitor in me that normally only emerges when I’m shit-talking people during video games.”


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Aphonic December 22, 2009 at 4:29 pm

I just like the term “adult laser tag” I get great images of sex toy and tupperware parties mixed with cheesy board game commercials using dildo’s as the guns and pasties as the targets.

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