Twitterfeed is making me angry.


So, I have just realized that the site I use to push all of my new posts the Twitter and Facebook has either not been sending my new posts at all, or sending them something like 8 hours after they hit the site. They should be going up within a half an hour of posting. I tried re-setting up my feed, but if they dont post this time, well I will have to switch to a different means of doing this.

I have been extremely lazy the past few days, and I am also becoming insomniatic. No matter what time I try to get to bed, I can’t fall asleep before 2-3 am. I really need to look into methods to help me sleep, because I feel my laziness is from the fatigue of 4 hours sleep per night. I have a sink full of dishes, tonight I ate my dinner out of the pot I made it in because I didn’t want to add to the mess of dishes in the sink.

Now I am sitting here pondering whether or not I should post the hilarious thread I just wrote up for the popular message board I happen to frequent while on the internet. The thread, while hilarious, may spark a less than ideal reaction.

And there I went, I went and posted it. And I spent enough time putting that one together that I should get to bed.

Another irrelevant blog post. Tomorrow I will try to finish my follow up on the Janes Family Foods tomorrow, its already half written.

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