What. A. Day.


I am finally home, a day of work and utter shit. First, I call my brother and hear that there is a lot of mail and he went in late, so I will have to do most of it. I am okay with that, after all, it IS part of my job. I then go out to start my car and it is completely dead. 100% will not unlock from the remote, will not even attempt to turn over.

I call my brother, he comes and gives me a boost, my car starts right away, I go to work. I sort all of the mail that I had to do and get ready to load into my car to go. My car, she will not start yet again. This time my mothers car is next to mine so I just boost it again. I am pretty sure the battery is DOA, but alas, I have an oil change at 2:30 so I will just get them to put in a new battery then. This leads to a day of me being too paranoid of my cal dying in a customers parking lot, so I do not turn it off once on the run (I typically turn my car off 4-5 times a day depending on certain companies).

Somewhere between the two dead batteries I get my pay stub from work for my pay tomorrow. It is 1400 dollars short. FOURTEEN HUNDRED. With the coming holidays and such, I am worried that it will get lost in the mix and I will not be getting paid that money until at least January 22nd (or something). I am assured it will be paid next week, I am hesitant to think this true.

I finish work around 2:15 and get asked if I can deliver some parcels to help another mail carrier get done earlier. I cannot. I take the car in and complete the oil change. They tell me that my battery is fine, and they don’t know how or why there was an issue with it this morning. I am told to sit on getting a new one, as it was probably just a fluke accident.

I get home and see that I have a bill from Telus (how I got the bill is a long story) for 740 dollars. I just now got off the phone with them, and it is down to 150, when it should only be 84. I cannot fix the bill until my balance is fixed (4-5 business days). With all the holidays this week and next, that will be January 4.


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