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Well, it was obvious that as soon as I got home I would be posting my thoughts on the unveiling of the new apple iPad. Reading along with Gizmodo’s liveblogging heled ensure that I wouldn’t get done work until 3:00 today, but whatever. At first, I felt extremely let down by the announcement. I mean, the thing really is just a big iPhone, which I already own.

After reading some hands on reviews and looking at some video of the handheld, I have come around, but only slightly. While I can start to see the appeal of a product like this would be for some people, the iPad has some massive issues. First off, NO FLASH. None, at all. Like watching streaming video online? Don’t buy this. Next is the clunky and awkward onscreen keyboard. The option to buy a physical keyboard that attaches is a nice plus, but am I really going to carry that everywhere I go? My third big problem is the fact that it is just running a different version of the iPhone OS, so everything you want to download onto it has to come from the app store. This is something that works well for the iPhone, but I would like to be able to load anything I want on it, like a netbook.

It’s supposed to be a step towards replacing laptops and PC’s, but the reality is that its really just a touch screen netbook. I might think about getting one of these for using when lounging around or watching shows in bed (especially when I get rid of my cable), but I wont even consider it a good buy until there is flash capability. Until then, it will forever, in my mind, be a glorified E-reader and XL iPod touch.

It’s also important to note that I stole the Mythbusters confirmed thing from Dylan (See links to your right).

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Dylan January 28, 2010 at 4:51 am

I was prepared to call you on the Mythbusters verdict until I got to the end. Haha.

My biggest gripe with the iPad (aside from the product name, of course) is the fact that you can only run one application at a time. I mean, really? That said, I wouldn’t have considered buying it anyway, but that was obvious enough, I’m sure.

Ernie January 28, 2010 at 2:26 pm

The lack of multi tasking is justifiable on an iPod Touch, or an iPhone even, but something that is meant to replace netbooks should act more like a computer. Apple seriously dropped the ball on this product.

And I gave credit where it was due, that said, I’ll most likely rip it off again.

Aldo Garcia February 21, 2010 at 8:58 pm

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