Google Nexus One, a step in the right direction?


Officially announced this morning (though known about for about a month now), the Google Nexus (the official ‘Google Phone’) is now available to US residents. The phone is available online through Google for $180 on a contract with T-Mobile or $530 Unlocked (that right, for ANY carrier). The phone is full of features and is receiving great reviews. Though, this phone is not intended to be, nor have I heard the comparison that it is an “iPhone Killer”.

I have yet to see one of these phones in person, and I doubt I will for a while (seeing as it isn’t available up here yet), though I have a few opinions on it already. First off, the fact that they are offering the phone unlocked is a big step in the right direction. I think that this along with the open framework for Android will make for a lot of freedom with the phone in general. I can only hope that this will start a trend of companies selling phones that arent locked to carriers.

In order to get myself an iPhone, I had to switch from Bell to Rogers (though I wanted to anyways). This is always a hassle for anyone wanting to switch, let alone switching for a specific piece of hardware. Though I realize that this trend will probably never happen.

In either case, its nice to see someone doing something new to change the state of things, even if its a little.

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Aphonic January 5, 2010 at 6:47 pm

The only thing that really sets this apart in my opinion is the coming naturally unlocked. It doesn’t look any better, UI or physically, it doesn’t seem like it’s really bringing anything else new or groundbreaking to the market place.

Though I won’t deny Android is picking up steam, it’s still nowhere near where the iPhone is.

Head over to my page and put your two cents in on my “iPhone Killer” rant.

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