hitRECord.org – another reason to love JGL


I am a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, from his newer work in G.I. Joe and 500 Days of Summer, even going back to his role on Third Rock From the Sun. I just stumbled upon his project hitRECord on the interweb, apparently at the right time.

Basically, this website is like the media collaboration sites that have been around for awhile (HR has been around for like 5 years apparently) like Indaba Music. It’s a forum for people all over the net to get together and collaborate on different projects, be it music, video, etc. Different forms of atr coming together to create a final piece of work. This in it self is a pretty cool thing, though recently the site has changed into something more.

On January 1st, the site was re-launched as a “professional collaborative production company”. Basically, its the same collaborative that it has been, only when JGL sees something that could potentially make some money in the “real world” he will use his position in the entertainment industry to push it through the proper channels. Then all of the money will be split 50/50 between the site and the contributing artists. I think this has real potential to push people with the talent, that don’t necessarily get the chance they deserve, to get themselves out there and possibly make some money for their work/passion.

Though I don’t know how much I would ever be able to actually contribute, I will be signing up, if only to check and see how things work. This new site is in it’s infancy, I suggest you check it out.


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