I am re-watching LOST before Season 6 starts (do the math)


So as I crawled into bed (to recover from the intense group of fillings I just received),  I decided that given the fact that the 6th (and final) season of LOST starts up on Feb 2nd, I should brush up on it. In order to to watch the whole series up until this point, I need to figure out how many episodes I need to watch every day. So come, Lets do the math:

First: Days until the new season starts

Today – January 7, 2010
Season Start – Feburary 2, 2010

26 Days

Second: How many episodes of LOST do I need to watch?

Season 1 – 25 Episodes
Season 2 – 24 Episodes
Season 3 – 23 Episodes
Season 4 – 14 Episodes
Season 5 – 17 Episodes

103 Episodes

Third: How many episodes do I have to watch each day?

103/26 = 3.96153846

4 Episodes

As you can see, I need to watch at least 4 episodes a day in order to catch up with the start  of season 6. Not so hard, but obviously I will have days where I watch more, and days where I watch less. Though I think this goal is attainable.

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