I need an excuse to buy a MIDI-Fighter


The MIDI-Fighter is a DIY MIDI board and controller all in one. Each row control’s a different element of sampling. For example, row 1 is 4 different samples, row 2 is 4 different beats, 3 is different effects on the samples and 4 is the different effects on the beats. Though you can map it to do just about anything you want. The thing that I really enjoy about this is that it is a DIY project that requires no crazy tools or soldering skills. You buy all the stuff, they ship it to you, and you put it together, needing only a single hex wrench (that they give to you).

The way it is set up also makes it very easy to expand on, add your own extra elements if you want. DJ Ean Golden added a couple joysticks to his.

If I had any kind of reason to use one, I would totally be tossing $150 to get one. Oh, did I mention that its also SETUP LIKE AN ARCADE STICK?

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