It’s come to my attention (Old Blog Content)


Anyone trying to read my old blogs that have come across one I neglected to name at the time (back on blogger, this was fine), and clicking the “next post” link at the bottom of the previous post will just bring up a blank page. When I imported all of those former blogs in, they were all nameless. So they are here, but inaccessible (unless you look up each month and click on the Edit link, which only I can do). This means that I need to go through each one and give them a name.

Over the next week or so, I will be naming each of these blogs “Untitled Post ( )” with different symbols in the brackets. This is the fastest way to get them all up for people to read. Keep that in mind if you are reading my old blogs and things seem a little out of sync. Right now I have everything good up until August of ’08 I think, feel free to read all of the ones I have in there. I will announce when everything is up and running the way it should be.


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