Michael Cera assures he is on for AD movie


Michael Cera has been bashing rumours that he was opting out of doing the upcoming (TBA) Arrested Development movie for months now. Cera assures that he is just as excited as everyone else.

I remember reading somewhere (which I can’t find right now) that Cera was claiming to be misquoted on the subject, maintaining that he only said he had no idea when he would have time for the project.

I remember almost 2 years ago now, asking Henry Winkler about the movie at the ’08 Fan Ex in Toronto. Oh how my eyes lit up when he confirmed his returning role as Barry Zuckercorn. Though that was pretty much a given, he plays such a big part in 2/3 of the series, it would be messed if he wasn’t present for the film.

Either way, I just wanted to post that Cera says he is doing it, and last I heard, the script was still only in it’s “planning” stages. This was due to the fact that Hurwitz was working on a Pilot for a new show starring Will Arnett. That is also something I would like to see come to light.

Oh, and I mide as well say that I now run an AD quote twitter, for anyone who might want to follow it. www.twitter.com/ArrDevQuotes

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