So I did a cover up/touch up tattoo today


A dude I know, by the name of Steve Dave (it is actually just Steve) came over today and had me do a little work on a tattoo he had done by a sketchy type of guy about a year ago. I saw the tattoo and felt so personally bad that he spent money on it, I offered to fix it for free (to the best of my personal ability). On that note, here is a before and after shot of the tattoo.

It was probably the first time I have ever used a Mag needle since I learned how to use one. Also, its working off of what was already a faded and heavily scarred tattoo, I am pretty confident I could have done a better job had I been doing it to begin with. Unfortunately we will never know until someone is dumb enough to let me tattoo something so big in such a noticeable place.

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