Some Jabroni doesn’t get that I’m not in LR anymore.


I knew that the second I started putting my site out there, and promoting it, I would get guys who don’t understand the concept of time (its actually been 2 years now). This is a series of messages that I received tonight on the Myspaces (I’m more or less only posting because I am bored):

43 Min ago
don’t you got beef with the dudes in the new liferuiner?

10:55 PM
I don’t have any beef with anyone in any itineration of LIFERUINER. I was in the original LR from toronto. I have a problem with their management, as he is the reason why the band is unable to be laid to rest.

Also he is the reason why original members took it upon themselves to re-form as a second LIFERUINER.

1:35 PM
well that manager is no longer ur talking about greg moore he has a long list of people who are after him and as far as there new manager having beef with him is not a wise at all hes not the type of person you would want a problem with and as my understanding the guys in the original liferuiner have a beef with the dude in it now emailing them threatening them I understand about laying it to rest but it is what is. it happens to a lot of bands out there where there are no original members in the band you guys also have a lot of people who want you dead the guys in it now getting a lot of people to like the band again and have a lot of friends and friends in other bands that have a lot of respect and are highly respected sxe and not I not trying to threaten you for its not my place nor my band this beef as nothing to do with me but the dudes in it now are my friends and this is more of a heads up if this beef continues its not going to end very well for you and for the fact if the original liferuiner ever came to the states you wouldn’t leave in very good health and its all thanks to your original singer just a little piece of advice I can care less either way like I said this has nothing to do with me just a little heads up that is all

11:50 PM
Hey, how about you re-read my message before threatening me. I am as far away from that band as possible. I didn’t realize you weren’t actually looking for information.

Keep your petty BS to yourself. There is a reason I’m not involved with people like you.

Also, you might want to check on your run-on sentences bro.

11:57 PM
whatever dude I can care less anyway I wasn’t threatening you giving a heads up there a fucking difference I not looking for info or anything like I said I can care less sorry for even bothering

11:57 PM
Mosh it off bro.

3 Min ago
hahaha I like that. it was very witty

I don’t have the best grammar in the world, in fact, it is pretty horrendous. But next to this guy, I am Geoffrey Chaucer.

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Jessica January 9, 2010 at 1:22 am

This made me want to break bricks over my head.

akim.o January 9, 2010 at 10:28 am

keep it up dude!

Ernie January 9, 2010 at 11:24 am

Keep what up? Making fun of mosh broz?

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