Song Progress/Pending Apple Tablet Release


Well, it is finally Jan 27th (on the east coast) and that means that in t-minus 12 hours until the much anticipated Apple press conference in California. For anyone who hasn’t been following the event, Apple will be unveiling a completely new product tomorrow. Most signs point to the announcement of the much speculated Apple Tablet. More or less it is speculated to be a 10-inch touch screen netbook, or a massive iPhone. There have been tons of talk about it, its been on the radar for a while and was expected at the last 2 conferences they had. I am pretty excited to see it, though I don’t know if I will be picking one up right away, sometimes it’s best to wait for the second iteration of a new gadget.

On another note, not enough to post a separate blog about, I am making real progress with the song I have been writing this week. I have most of the melodies and chord progressions now, along with most of the lyrics and the transitions. I am actually pretty excited with how it’s coming along, writing has never come easy for me. I plan to have the song done and recorded by the end of the week. I am juggling the idea of posting the lyrics up as soon as they are all done, but I think I may just save it all for a single post when it is done. I suppose I will dwell on that.

It’s 2am now, and I really should get to sleep. Work in the morning, story of my life.

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