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As I cooked my [Liptons] soup about 15 minutes ago, I began to write. I started typing out a blog about how disconnected we as a people have become and how friendships are more or less disposable now. I had begun to go into detail about how I might be the only one, and woe is me, I create this situation for myself.

Needless to say (but I am saying it anyways), I decided to save the world from another contrived, pity-party hidden in a general question towards people in general.

It has been a lazy weekend, I have been playing a lot of guitar and Bioshock. I am currently working on 2 new covers; one is a song I have been playing casually for a while and is a “what the hell, why not” cover, and the other is one that I am actually working on (it’s not a matter of “learn the chords”). I don’t know when these songs will be ready, or if I will even be able to make videos for them, as I am having a hard time playing and singing them at the same time. This means that setting up my recording stuff and geting it done will add a little time to them.

Last night I went to the movies… with my family. Now, this is the first time (other than Christmas) that we have all gotten together since we went to Cuba in November. I am close with my family, but at the same time I am not. It is a weird thing, I see them every day, and my brother and I text each other frequently throughout the day, but I rarely see them outside of work-related things. We saw “The Book of Eli”, which I am going to write a mini-review on (I just decided this), and for dinner we all had New York Fries, Popcorn AND Frozen Yogurt, SO EXPENSIVE.

Anyways, my soup is getting cold and I hear Andrew Ryan calling my name, I will write up the micro-review later today I think. On a quick final note, I am looking for a rich girl willing to take my psychological abuse and the fact that at any given point I will start ignoring them. One that will pay for me to get this tattooed (among others, but this most pressingly):

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Amber January 17, 2010 at 10:15 pm

I’m well off. And I love you. And I doubt you’ll ignore me for long. I’ll pay for your tattoo.

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