The Prime of My Youth: Falling asleep at 7pm on Saturday Night


I have officially hit the top of the glory in life. Feeling sick and falling asleep watching documentaries about millionaires disappearing in the Nevada countryside (The Nevada Triangle on Ninja Video). Woe is me, what has my life become but that of a shut in who’s can will not even be around. Yes, my cat has made himself a bed on the bathroom floor of my dirty laundry, and has been spending most of the last few day on it.

And now, I am preparing a documentary on the Tesco Bomber while I look for things that I would be able to sell on eBay. After that I will get into bed and try to watch a few episodes of LOST while searching the internets for cool things to blog about. The weekend is a slow time, and after the first couple of days, even CES was short for good blogability. I’ll find something, or I’ll blog about LOST I’m sure.


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