Adventures in Sex City (Learning AND Fun!)


If there is one reason why London may be the greatest city in Canada, this would be it. A flash game created to help educate teens in STI’s and having safe sex put out from the Middlesex-London Health Unit is about 10 thousand times more entertaining than reading a boring old pamphlet. You start off with an introduction to Sex City, and the mortal peril it is in at the hand of The Sperminator, a villain in a Lucha Libre mask with massive penis’ for arms. You then get to choose one of the 4 heros of the SEX SQUAD, each with their own bio. Once you have chosen between Wonder Vag, Willy the Kid, Power Pap, and Captain Condom, you then engage in a typical trivia type showdown with The Sperminator.

After every question, The Sperminator will fire a giant mutant sperm from his arm; depending on the how you answered the question, the sperm will either hit you (answer false), or your character will use a condom sheild to deflect the evil sperm back. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when after intentionally answering a question wrong, Wonder Vag was struck, only to respond with “EW, RIGHT IN THE FACE” and also “EWWWW, STICKY!”.

I know I am way too old to find amusement in this, but is anyone ever too old for this? I’ll add a couple screencaps from this before I get to bed. Link is Definitely NSFW.

[Adventures in Sex City]

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