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Guess who was right about Die Antwoord?


I’ll give you a hint, I was.

Last night I was sent a link to another blog ( that offered up proof that the growing in popularity Die Antwoord is actually just a clever ruse. Video proof was given that this is all an equivalent of Sacha Baron Cohen doing his character Ali G. While yes, this doesn’t change the fact that the music is actually well made, it does prove all of the haters from comments (which I deleted and closed) were in fact wrong when they called me ignorant and pretentious. Standing up against people who you claim are intolerant of other cultures when they call a joke correctly makes you look stupid, did you learn the lesson kids?

Having said that, I now will be willing to download the record when it’s available, as Hipster kids will dismiss it as being too uncool for them.

Maybe idiots on the internet will understand what I mean when I say that something is a gimmick that works, but a gimmick none-the-less.

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Giselle March 5, 2010 at 12:31 pm

= ( … i tought they were serious… i like their music… specially “zef side”… ….

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