Last night was the peak of my idiocy


Well I am in Niagara Falls for the weekend, with my family. Yesterday was my brothers birthday, we are all here doing Casino for his first legal weekend. Last night, I hit the War table, and in light of the “special occasion”, I was willing to play with a little more than I am usual to do.

This little bit turned into a lot when I happened to have lost it. There was a lot of idiots coming and going and fucking up my streaks at the table. I got carried away and I lost a lot of money. Considering how much money I make, and how much I am willing to gamble at the Casino without hesitation, just think about how much it would take for me to consider it to be “a lot”. I spent way more money than I should have, but its not like I bet away my food money or anything. I got an extra big pay cheque on Thursday, and while I should have put that money in better places (my massive amount of debt, for example), I am not pulling my hair out about it.

We are here until tomorrow morning/afternoon, and I have a set amount of money which I will allow myself to lose, which is much more modest. My justification is that I have not been to Vegas, and this is the equivalent of my trip there (for now). So spending a little bit more than what is smart is fine. Oh well. It’s just money, right?

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