Roll on snare drum.


Laying in bed, watching The Big Lebowski, quite the entertaining movie. I finally finished my catching up on Lost (even though I have been watching the new episodes on TV), so I haven’t much to watch in bed. I will most likely end up watching Arrested Development again every night, as is what I was doing before watching and re-watching Lost.

I may go to try on the different glasses I posted online last night this week, if I decide to not be lazy. Also, Heavy Rain was released today, and I got in lots of playing time on it. It was hard to put down. Even though it is less a traditional video game and more just an interactive movie, I am really enjoying it. I may take the time to write up a full review for it, though I feel that it’s one that doesn’t need one from me. Every reviewer and their mother had posted about how much they loved the game well over a week ago.

I am starting to fall asleep, and as it is, I have posted another pointless blog. I’ll leave it with a photo.

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