The one where Locke explodes the submarine.


This post doesn’t have anything to do with LOST, aside from the fact that I happen to be watching it while in bed. Tonight I beat Mass Effect 2, a seemingly massive game, in 22 hours and 43 minutes. For a video game, that is a pretty big main campaign. I did do quite a few of the side quests, but not nearly all.

I only started playing the game on Tuesday night. With work and sleep, pretty much the rest of the time I had was spent on the game. I actually thought it might hold me out before Bioshock comes out on Tuesday. Though I suppose that the only games that are designed to be played all day everyday for weeks on end are Final Fantasy games and WoW. I may play through the game again sometime in the near future, I am entirely unhappy with the way some of the game choices came out, and I would like to correct them. I also think I may write up an article blog about the interpersonal relationships within the game. You know, nerdy analysis.

The week went by pretty fast, though it is mostly because of the game. I need to do some grocery shopping, I am in need of some food that takes minimal effort to cook, and some rice. I hope that this weekend I can also get into the funk of writing some more music, I got on a roll for a good chunk of the week.

Anyways, I was just thinking that I was overdue for a personal blog, though there really isn’t any information I really gave. Maybe I will commit some lyrical/poetic phrasing I have floating in my head and post them on here, maybe I wont. I don’t know.

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