Blog/Re-blogged – Tour Revelations (My Homecoming)

Blog originally posted on Myspace, Dec 14, 2007


Blog/Re-blogged is a new thing where I re-post other blogs I have posted around (copy pasted, without edit). It’s pretty much “this day in my past” without being tied to a certain date, also these are posts that can’t be found on this site, as they were posted other places. With that, here we go…

With only a few more days left in tour, driving the last couple hours between Nashville and Anderson, IN, I can’t help help but sit and reflect on what I have learned on this tour.

For the past year, I have steadily maintained that tour friends are the best because they always come through more than people back home. For a really long time and on past tours, I have seen people do ridiculous things to just see me while on tour. Feeding me, driving hours upon hours just to come see me and hang out, giving me and my band a place to stay, showing us a good time, sitting up all night and just talking, etc.

This tour has actually become a rude awakening for me, to really find out that people you meet on tour can let you down as much as anyone else.

There have been people say they will see me, who will bail last minute, or not tell me they aren’t coming and just not show. There havebeen people who didn’t know I was coming till a couple days before who care “so much” but not even think to try and make their schedule work to come less than an hour to see somone who lives 15 hours away. And then there have been people who knew I was coming all along and just not care.

I do get that a couple iof these people, I’ve probably fucked up with. I could have talked to them more, I could have shown them I cared a little more. And there is a couple cases where I actually wronged them in a shitty way.

But a genuine apology isn’t enough but when others have wronged me similarily, an apology was enough for me? I’m not perfect, I get it, and I wouldn’t ever expect people to jumo through hoops on my behalf. But when over the last year people have shown me that they want to do these things, then over a couple of months just not want to, it feels weird, and slightly depressing.

Its a genuine bumout to be in places where if 6 months ago there would be people I really care about following behind, or waiting somwhere to give me a hug and tell me how much they missed me. Because when I really think about it, half of the reason why I love tour is because of the feeling you get when you come home from a long trip.

Everybody is waiting for you, just to hug you and tell you how much they missed you. Tour is just a group of mini-homecomings, and you can call me selfish, lame, whatever.

The fact is that if any of these people were anywhere near my hometown, I would make the effort to comeand see them, and repay them for all of the things they have done for me. And it would be regardless of any drama between us, or blah blah.
If they apologised, I would be there for them, I would be throwing THEM a mini-homecoming.

Tour has been wishy washy, the shows have been incredible, everything else, kind of a let down, I mean, not totally, because some people have come throw, just the majority havnt, at all.

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