Free Headphones! (for me, anyway)


Because I have spent so much money on my credit card over the last year or so, and I have the “Visa Classic Rewards Card”, I got some free new headphones today. I rarely check my points balance (I receive 1 point for ever dollar I charge to credit), but today I was curious. I seem to have accumulated 24 thousand points, meaning of course that I have charged an accumulated total of over 24 thousand dollars on my credit card (I have also redeemed points for itunes cards in the past). I decided to get myself a pair of new headphones so that I wasn’t always borrowing my brothers at work. I had the option to get the same ones as him, but I decided to get the Phillips ones that were a point tier higher than his (mostly because I didn’t want to have the same phones).

I am glad that I get to have something new, without being worried about adding onto my current financial status.

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