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I have been posting everything less frequently lately, as if I need to point that out. The odd thing though is that even with the infrequency of my daily posts, my daily views are apparently increasing. I think that is pretty cool, though I am sure it is probably just coincidence. I have a few posts that get a lot of hits especially (the Die Antwoord ones and the Chatroulette one especially), and while I get a good chunk of views from them, I hope that some of these people are checking out some of the other stuff I have been posting.

News in things I am interested in (Tech and Video Games mostly) has seemed a little sparse lately, but I also hold back from posting a lot of stuff. I want to avoid being a blog where the main amount of posts are second hand from other blogs. Were I to want that, I would just as soon sign up for Tumblr, which fromwhat I can see, is pretty much based on second hand blogging. Not to say that is bad, I just don’t want my blog to be that.

I’ve been up to a bunch of things lately, reading, writing (music),  , insomniatic nights. A bunch. I am also starting writing with a couple of guys, and there is a chance it may develop to something beyond a jam-for-fun thing. But who really knows?

This week was pretty rough, my car had to get repairs, twice. The first time was only 200 dollars, which I was not excited about but could deal with. The second repair was for something similar on a different part of the engine and it cost me a wonderful 839 dollars. Needless to say, I was pretty upset by it. Especially since I lost all that money at the casino a couple weeks ago, it just seemed too convenient to need major car repairs that close.

I went to the mall today, with the intention of buying myself a new Bodum Coffee press. I wanted to get something newer and a little bigger, so I don’t have to only brew one cup at a time. I priced out a couple, and while I can afford one, it would be fiscally irresponsible to drop 50 dollars on something I don’t really NEED all that much. I opted out of getting one and instead I picked up a copy of “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck. I mentioned in another blog that I was in the process of reading “Of Mice and Men”, well I finished it the other night. I really enjoyed it, and while I am not really that big of a reader typically, I decided to pick up another one of his books to see if it might draw me in the same as the last.

I get down on myself sometimes because I am not all that much of a “smart” guy. There are things that I know a lot about, definitely areas of life I would be considered “smart” about, but I am not conventionally intelligent. This bothers me, and while people are quick to toss the “just go to school” argument, I dropped out for a reason. Conventional schooling didn’t work for me the way it does others, and I would rather strive to learn about things on my own, instead of feeling forced to. That’s my two cents about it anyways.

I think I am at a point where I have filled in enough info to feel like this was a caught up blog post, my eyes are starting to hurt, and I’d like to get a couple chapters in before I fall asleep. I’ll leave it here.

I've got those tired eyes, all the time.

I need a haircut, new glasses, and maybe some new stylish clothes.

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