The most mind-blowing message.


Yesterday, after I went and deleted more people from my Facebook page, I saw that I had an add. This add was from someone I have never seen before, who apparently goes to the University of Victoria. I didn’t know what Victoria it was in reference to (I now know its BC), but I know it’s nowhere close. I casually messaged this person to ask if I knew them in any way. The reply I received actually had me jaw dropped and thoroughly mind-blown:

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After reading the first line I quickly thought, “Okay, this sounds like me, similar to how I used to act, I guess…”, though by the time I hit the mention of Coke and PBR, I knew it couldn’t possibly be me. I just received a response, and even though I knew that it couldn’t be me, I was worried that a time travelling, coke-headed version of myself had time travelled from the future and was on an iPod stealing spree. You know, the currency of the future?

Dear Ernie Berces who lives in Vancouver, I implore you to find and contact me. I need to make sure you are not in fact from the future, and if you are, I need to ensure I find out how I came to be a coke-addicted hipster.

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Aphonic March 17, 2010 at 10:58 pm

Why do all the cool people get dopplegangers?

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