I own a camera, therefore I am a photographer.


I just spent a good chunk of time writing up another blithe personal blog post. No one cares to read it, I don’t even know if I care to write it. Sometimes I probably just feel narcissistic enough to convince myself that there are people who really care enough about my boring day-to-day life that they want to read 800 word posts about whatever meaningless crap I have to type. I’ve spent the last couple days reading and driving (golf balls). I also have been playing with my camera. I really know nothing about cameras, but I should figure out how to take decent photos beyond the “auto” setting.

I’ve been playing with shutter speed and light. I took a few new pictures the other day, and I put them in the rotator (the picture display to the right of this). It changes the picture every time you load a new page on the site, which is pretty cool. Either way, here is the shots I managed to come out with. I think I might go and try taking pictures outside of my apartment tomorrow night. I really want a tripod now.

This doesn’t make me a photographer. I did, in fact, feel the need to make that clarification.

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