Welp, I need new glasses.


It seems I somehow managed to have my glasses end up on the floor, and I also managed to step on them. They are now in 3 pieces and after about an hour of trying to glue them back together,  I am close to giving up. It’s not so bad, I am due for a new pair for free from my mothers benefits, but I still have to pay for new glasses out of pocket and wait for a cheque to come later to reimburse me.

Maybe I will try melting the plastic with a soldering iron and fusing them back together (thanks LOST for the idea). Yeah, gimme 20, and I’ll post the results.

20 minutes later…..

Yeah, it totally didn’t work at all. I went back to trying to glue them for a while before giving up and taping them together so it would be easier to read before I get new ones. I guess I will be calling the optometrist tomorrow then. Until I get new ones I refuse to wear these in public. I’m a self-fulfilling anti-social nerd prophesy.


Oh, and while I was trying to fix these the wheelchair I was trying to win on eBay sold for 37 dollars. I was willing to go up to 40 at the last minute. Now I am just furious. I just want to cosplay Wheels from BK, is that too much to ask? Apparently. Whatever, I will just get to bidding on a virtual boy + powerglove combo and do Kid Vid.

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