It’s just a little ironic is all


A few years ago, with myspace, everybody had these ridiculous profiles. It’s the only reason why most people have any (if a limited) knowledge of coding anything on the internet. Private profiles were few and far between, after all, what was the point?

It was like the 70’s, everyone was fucking everybody. Unprotected. No one cared who was on whose friends list. People openly asking everyone else to “whore” them out to anyone and everyone who was ready to receive their bulletin posts.

Then came the fakers, spam profiles, and adder robots, and 16 year olds pretending to be 18. The equivalent of HIV.

Times have changed, people now prefer completely private and protected profiles. Some even flaunt their ability to have as few people as possible on their friends lists. The ironic thing now is that while we are being more prudent about the information we share with our peers, the people who run these social networks are finding ways to trick you into giving your information to whomever they choose.

It’s only a matter of time before they stop asking and just take what they want anyways.

If myspace a few years ago felt like the 70’s and Facebook now feels like post-patriot act, what happened to the 80’s and 90’s?

Not that I really care. I just think it’s a little funny is all.

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