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So I have been turning back a little.


It’s quite odd, I have been spending less time online over the last few months, but at the same time, I have been spending more. I barely use Facebook anymore, and somedays I check/post on twitter only once. I’ve been spending more time online, but I’ve been doing different things, I guess.

I’ve been keeping steady with the iPad Portraits I have been doing and posting on Tumblr. Right now I actually have 3 more people following than I have in total posts. I think that is pretty cool. And I mean, doing the drawing is still kind of fun. I have been getting noticeably better at it, but I am also spending more time on them. Today I did one of Iron Man, in honour of IM2’s release tomorrow. I might see it tomorrow, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks.

My mother approached me last week about building the local postal union a website, a place to post things and to help build a “greater sense of community”, or something. I really haven’t much experience with web design, beyond this one, but even this is just a customized theme built on a framework someone else did.

I explained that I couldn’t build anything from the ground but was willing to build something in a similar fashion to what I have for myself. Something minimalist and uncluttered, but still fully functioning and easy for people with limited knowledge to still be able to use.

It’s coming along pretty smoothly, much easier to set up and get going after I had already done it on my own. I’ve already put 10+ hours into it, and I am going to have to put in quite a few more before the official “unveiling” next Wednesday. But hey, Time is money.  I just hope that this will open a door to do similar sites for other local unions in Canada. There are some sites that look like they haven’t been touched in 10 years. I figure that doing a WordPress site would be extremely beneficial for them. On one hand, it provides an easy set up and minimal coding on my part, so that lowers the cost to them. And on the other hand, it creates a really manageable system for them to update and post after I have left.

On top of all the web site stuff, my mother (and stepfather) just bought a house. With my lease coming to it’s end, they have both been on me about possibly looking into getting a mortgage and buying a place for myself too. Smart investments and all that stuff. I’ve only mentioned it to two of my friends, and I suppose both of their reactions were valid.

“You’re cool with being tied down in Guelph?”

It’s a valid point, I mean for the last 3 (is it three now?) years I have been steadily whining about how I miss being out in the world. The fact is though that I’ve accepted the way my life has turned and I really can’t see myself ever actually moving anywhere else. Not in the forceable future anyways. This is where the work is, I know this city like the back of my hand, and compared to a lot of other cities (AKA Toronto, Kitchener, London, etc) I really don’t hate this place so much. Except the construction. I fucking hate this construction.

“Have fun declaring bankruptcy by 25.”

I am a lot more responsible than I lead on, and when I have restrictions and motivations, I am more than completely able to adhere to them. I’m not complaining though, its easy to doubt that I am able to be financially responsible like any other adult.

I don’t know if I will go through with it, but a meeting at the bank yesterday gave me the option to move forward on it. I am looking at a couple of condo’s right now, and my mother has lined me up with a really nice real estate agent to help me. It’s just a matter of crunching numbers, seeing what I can do and then taking the plunge and sealing my fate in this city.

But the reality is that I have spent the last many months ensuring that there really was nothing for me outside the city limits anyways.

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