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Back and to the left.


I just finished watching the directors cut if JFK. At three hours long, watching that was pretty much all I did this evening. After in ended, I read up a few Wikipedia pages on the JFK assassination, and read about the Zapruder film (the most famous, and graphic filming of the assassination). Conspiracy theories and stuff of the sort, when believable, really piqué my interest.

Though now, I must say I am feeling a little paranoid. The same way people get scared after a horror movie, I get paranoid after reading conspiracy stuff.

This is after the fact, but I find it so interesting the way Jackie dives over the back of the limousine, presumably to retrieve a piece of her husbands skull. In a time of sheer terror and panic, she still managed to think of something like that.

The rest of today was pretty bleh. I got soaked in the rain at work, and there was a lot of mail.

I got home and tried to call and book the tattoo appointment I was trying to get to since Christmas. After an email I tried sending was either not received or just ignored, I was told that to even book an appointment I would have to drive to the shop. Unwilling to spend $20 dollars in gas to just book an appointment, I am unsure when I will ever get this tattoo.

Sigh, I miss Andy.

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