I want to write you a letter.


I ordered two new ribbons for my typewriter today. Unfortunately, they had to come from the internet, so I am now at the mercy of the postal service in regards to when I will receive them. Seeing as I work for that same postal service, I have a feeling it might be a while.

With that said, I have figured out the first thing that I want to do when I get it.

I don’t think that in all of the years I have been working at the post office I have ever actually sent a letter to someone. I have sent physical things, especially within the context of eBay, but never an actual letter. I want people to send me their mailing address, and I want to write them a letter. If possible, I would like to instill a little more meaning into these letters.

I invite you (reading this blog would be the only way to know I’m doing this) to choose a subject relating to the two of us. It can be a question you never got to ask, an explanation for something I have done, a fond memory, etc. I just want a base to work from.

I’ve spent a long while now ignoring people and trying to get myself (and life) in check. I tried something vaguely similar with Formspring. That turned out to just have people annoy me. I also saw myself act slightly immature with it. I thought this might be a nice way to do something personal, sincere, and private.

If you would like to give it a try and take a break from your Facebook lurking for a few minutes, send your mailing address to ernie@ernieberces.com.

If there is no interest in this idea, be on the look out for my new novel about teenage vampires, or my dramatic re-telling of a classic novel with the addition of zombies!

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