I Own Art, Therefore I Am An Art Collector


After months and monts of sitting on getting, yet still desperately wanting to order some prints from 20×200.com, I finally caved. Ever since I first saw Mike Monteiro’s work, I was pretty much in love with it. I am pretty sure I had just seen it posted somewhere and thought someone Photoshopped it for Tumblr.

My first time browsing on 20×200 and I came across a set of prints of his they were doing. I wish I could afford to buy them all, or even buy one of the originals (maybe I can sometime soon). I probably shouldn’t have bought the ones I just did, as I believe them to be the most expensive prints I have bought, and I just spent $200 on some dress clothes I need for this weekend.

Oh well. Some people eat when they are upset, I buy things I don’t need.

Check out more Mike Monteiro works here.

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