One Year


One year ago today, I set up this blog. Sure there were versions of it hosted elsewhere for a while before that, but its been a year since I committed to setting up this space.

A lot has happened over a year, I could sit and make a list of all of it, but if anyone would like to do that, they can just read all the archived posts. My lat post talked about not knowing if I was going to keep the blog online. I’ve decided that in the interest of a project I am thinking about doing, it would be the best move to keep this up and running. I am planning on changing the format of it and a lot of the design when I have a bit of time.

So that is that, I have decided to stay on the air. I know how elated everybody must be upon hearing the news.

I’ve had kind of a rough week, but I sort of felt obligated to make a post today. How about that?

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Brittany Horton November 4, 2010 at 8:21 pm

& fortunately i am elated to hear that new because this is the only way i hear about how you and what’s going on in your life. i know you stay pretty busy but i hope to hear from you soon!

xo – britt

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