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Sitting here drinking espresso and playing COD: Black Ops, and I have the sudden urge to post some lyrics that I wrote a few weeks ago. Writing has never been easy for me, and up until now they have always been contrived subjective to specific people. These ones, while influenced by a couple people, aren’t specifically about anyone. I’ve been working on the music, and when I have the whole song done, I will most likely record it and post it. Whats the point of writing something if you aren’t going to use it to get attention from others, right?

I don’t know how you got into my head, but I’d love to find out,
why you’re so cute, and you’re so sweet,
and why you seem to think you’re better than me, ’cause you aren’t.
And you’re too focused on your social status.
And you’re too focused on getting drunk on weekends.
And you’re too focused on all the other boys who focus their attention on you.

It doesn’t seem like much, but when I have it tossed on top of the beats, it’s like 45seconds worth of song. These days, that’s most of a song.

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stuart August 20, 2011 at 3:48 pm

hi i was just checking for some lyrical lines to start off with because i dont know what to sing about so i need an idea and not copy the pro tunes ya know? so i liked ur lines because most girls like to drink toomuch and i aint a big drinker but i like to be sociable at weekends an not everyday of the week like. and i liked the line where u mentioned and shes too focused on other boys who focus there attention on you. sweet lines mate keep it up. im into hip hop or fast talking/raping with skill of talking fast. i like dubstep music too and RnB. there the type i would like to my lines, but i also like rock music an heavey rock an other types an punk music. :) andyeways sweet dude keep up the work :)

stuart August 20, 2011 at 3:52 pm

also i thought of an idea of writing lyrics based on what people write on facebook. so i thought i would tell u that an maybe it will help u since u helped me to start off thanks :)

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