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I don’t think I want to blog about myself anymore.

It just seems obvious that there isn’t really enough to base any sort of substance on these days.
It just made sense when I started; I was in the band and always on tour. I could catalogue the things we were doing while peppering my thoughts, ideas and feelings I had while that was happening. After I left I tried to keep that momentum moving, but it didn’t work.
It’s hard to do that when you go from being in a new city every day, meeting new people and doing something people enjoyed hearing about, to talking about how the job you’re working is the same every day and what game you decided to play that night.

Maybe I’ll start writing about video games. That would make sense, right?
Or maybe I’ll catalogue and aggregate things I find interesting in tech?
Perhaps I should drop the whole thing and just reblog funny pictures and girls wearing nice clothing on Tumblr.

In any case, it seems like doing this had a point at a time and I’m just holding on to it like so many other things I have over the years, or the few things I am still hesitant to let from my grasp.
For example, how to this day I am frustrated that I spent 4 days in the studio finding the right bass tone, and perfecting songs for a record I was eventually told I was not allowed to record on. On top of that, the fact that I have been so humiliated by it that I still find myself telling people fake stories about how much I enjoyed [not actually] doing it.

Would it be sad and juvenile to just post stories about days on the road? About people I met that stood out, or became attached to?

I need to feel stimulated again, though I havent the slightest clue where to start.

So things are pretty much the same with me, how about you?

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