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Two Weeks.


We had all but destroyed our van making sure we would make it to the all day festival in San Bernardino, and that is where I met you.  My old friend Shawn introduced us while we sat on the sectional sofa we pulled from out of the van and into the asphalt.  You were a very pretty, sweet, and nice girl. I spent a lot of that show talking to you. After the show we broke down trying to get our manager back to the airport. The next day we found out we would be stuck in the area for a while.

We saw each other more than a few times in those two weeks. We had to have watched an entire season of Rocko’s Modern Life in your car, probably even more. We walked for something like 3 hours down the beach one afternoon. When we got back, it was dark, and everyone assumed we went to hook up. At most we had only kissed, but I am pretty sure we talked the entire time.

We went to Disney Land, and spent the day holding hands and riding kids rides. At one point, you managed to sneakily buy me a few packs of Star Wars miniatures. It was adorable when you gave them to me. I’ve kept them all. I’ve so few instances where I was the recipient of such childish romanticism.

I had to leave eventually, and you had to find a boy who lived in the same country. You’re one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. If you are with a boy now, I hope he know’s how lucky he is.

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