I’ve joined a new band.

Since I parted with the last band in 2008 I have felt more and more awkward posting on a blog as the randomness of my life and the fleeting feeling of notoriety faded into normalcy. This all devolved into a place for me to vent frustrations about people and things in my life, mostly for the people I was frustrated with to see for whatever reason. I wasn’t even posting anything deep or personal, I had a secret Tumblr for that.

Now, so many years later, I’ve decided that since I have paid money out of my pocket for this space of data, I might as well be using it. Also because, yes, I have joined a new band and I have to promote it.

Promotion aside, I do feel like now that I am starting to leave the confines of my home and re-assimilate with society it might be interesting to document things. I am fully aware that many people who have never been in situations even close to the ones I put myself in and that they may find them interesting to read about. On the whole, I am looking at this more as a way for me to keep track of these things for myself.

I am back on bass after countless attempts to start/join a project that I felt worth the effort to work with. There are a lot of aspects of these guys that I am excited about. First off, I won’t lie, this is actually the first band since I left that band that actively pursued me getting involved. They were patient with me while I figured out whether it was even possible for me to join. The last time around, I didn’t have to worry about all the things I do now. Namely, bills. I was waited for and not hounded about an answer while I looked at available time and finances to be able to do this. That was amazing, and I owe them huge for it.

The “they” I refer to are Ryan and David. I just wrote out a few hundred words on how great they both are, but I think I’ll just leave it at them being awesome guys.

As for the music; it’s what I think I have wanted to play from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, playing heavy music was fun. It was fun to play, but I felt like I spent more time trying to make people think I lived for the sound and ideology than I actually spent listening to the genre. I’ll leave expansion on the sound to your ears. The following is my favourite track from the Night Song EP that the band released a year or two ago, we are now recording a new album, but there is nothing that is complete enough to show. Trust me that the new stuff blows this out of the water (admittedly, I love it):

I feel beyond that, I have nothing much to add.

Though, I have been working on old band stories and the chapter on why I left. It’ll be good reads, and I’m finally in a place to let it all out. So give me the clicks to see if I’ve updated.


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